Welcome to My World


    I, Pam Logan, live in Western New York with my husband and kids. I enjoy reading, writing, gardening and sitting by my self-made pond. On those hot summer days, I love to ride with my husband on our Honda Goldwing as I wind dance to our favorites tunes.

    My first book, HOW DO YOU SAY GOODBYE, was at first meant to be a song. As my thoughts kept returning to my mother, my brother-in-law and a couple cousins, who had all passed away due to cancer, the song was too sad to continue. With those thoughts still in mind, I wondered how they must have felt, knowing the end was coming soon.

    That is how Samantha Collins, the main character, came to life. I just sat at my computer every chance I got and Sam just took over. She quickly drew me into her life; her friends became my friends, her funny antics made me laugh and her hardships made me cry. There were times that I couldn’t type fast enough to keep up with her.

    When the story ended, I missed her and her whole gang terribly, and so, LIFE GOES ON began. It is based on the same family and group of friends, but a totally different genre and story line. I hope to continue writing many different kinds of books revolving around the same characters as they go through the same types of things every family goes through - good times and bad, funny, scary, life threatening, loving, childish and even growing old.

    I hope the reader enjoys them as much as I do.


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